Friday, 26 June 2009

Adieu Michael

All right, we're back in Paris after being gone nearly a year, and the one thing that has really pushed me to write on the blog is the death of Michael Jackson. I'm weird like that. Deaths of people I know and of people I didn't know seem to both affect me deeply. Okay, while I didn't know Michael Jackson, I totally grew up listening to his music. As did the world. The guy is (was) incredible, performing since five years of age and still (until yesterday) going strong. A forty five year history on the pop charts. His cute little face and the sugary lyrics of ABC are in my mind, as well as the gloved hand, the Thriller moves and songs from Dangerous.

When something big like this happens, I like to talk to people about it. I found myself alone at Printemps, the big department store during "les soldes" which is a huge sale event that takes place but twice a year in France. So here I am frantically searching the aisles for the article of clothing that will make me look tres chic despite the fact that I now weigh more kilos than ever. C'est la vie.

Anyway, here I am in this virtual parade of people scanning the racks when I hear "Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough". I start singing along, then remember he is dead. I start to become teary and then call my husband because I'm afraid my urge to share the moment with someone will have me weeping openly to a sales clerk. We chatted and I continued on.

There was continuous playing of Michael Jackson songs in the store. I had to ask one of the sales clerks if we were listening to the radio, because they're playing a lot of Michael Jackson. She said that the store was playing its own music and it was a tribute to Michael Jackson, and I have to say I began to tear up talking to her.

"It's so..." ( I was looking for the words to say it's so silly I'm so affected by this .." )
"bete, tragique" is what she said. And I stopped my words and agreed that it was indeed tragic. I told her I was kind of embarassed to be so moved, but she understood. The world was enchanted by Michael Jackson. So many wonderful songs and such great dance moves. I dare say that the techtonic dance moves in Paris today are traceable to Michael Jackson. But I digress.

We just came back from a fun party at my friend Allison's. On the taxi ride home, we had a driver that seemed like a friend we should have. Michael Jackson was blaring from the radio and I yelled "ah" and began singing along. He cranked he radio up for us. We discussed the tragedy and he revealed that the death was due to an overdose of medicine, we hadn't known that yet. He said that all day and night the radio has been playing Michael Jackson. I just love that. The French know how to pay hommage to a great musician, no matter the nationality. I asked the driver if he liked Michael Jackson, and he said, "Je l'adore."

My husband was totally enjoying himself cruising the streets of Paris with the radio blasting Michael Jackson.
He said aloud, "a beautiful Friday night in Paris cruising to Michael Jackson. "
Quinn said "huh?"
"Your dad is having a moment," I responded.

We are all having a moment. I'm sure radio stations all over the world are playing their respects.