Wednesday, 22 August 2007

A Paris!

So here we are! We’ve arrived in Paris! Our one year adventure begins today!

So far, a great start. We exited the baggage claim area at Charles to Gaulle, and there was our van man (very nice - he gave us address of another family going to E.A.B.) holding up a M....... sign. After loading 17 bags into the van and driving about 35 minutes, we arrived at our apartment building, with a friendly Mlle F. standing in front to check us in (we weren't sure if she'd be there). Yeah! We loaded all 17 bags into the one person elevator, two at a time and entered our one bedroom apartment. It’s not bad for two people, but we happen to be four. So, Quinn and Maggie’s bedroom is actually the living room.

After unpacking a few items, we walked around the neighborhood for lunch. We bought 4 umbrellas as it started to pour. We dashed back to the apartment for warmer clothing and then decided to take a little nap which was wonderful. The kids however, did not nap but watched a French cartoon (language reinforcement). After our brief respite, we grabbed our umbrellas and set out to walk to Quinn and Maggie’s school. It takes maybe 20 minutes to get there (we stopped for patisseries on the way). The route looked perfect for scooters which we packed in my mom’s giant floral suitcase. (The van man was amused at all the different sizes and shapes that our luggage came in).

Upon returning, we had quiche and shredded carrots. We desserted on clafouti which was delicious. The kids showered, got into their jammies and Sean read a story on the fold out bed. We’re lucky it held out for 3 people. After much giggling, the kids fell asleep at about 10:30. Everyone slept well, and at one point Quinn was sleeping with his hand under Maggie’s cheek- cute.

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Johnny said...

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