Saturday, 12 January 2008


What are they really? And why on earth do we need them when we already have the tastiest, easiest to peel fruit around, the clementine?

On occasion, we've had to buy the Clemenvillas because there was a lack of clementines. I was leery of the slightly chubbier relation of the clementine, with its tighter skin. They were tasty however, and the little sections came easily apart.

After much asking around, we finally found out from Madame at Chez Rafik that it is a combination of an orange and a clementine. Well, I would say that it is a tasty little creature, but again, why? The clementine is equal in pleasure to the taste, and again, easier to peel. Does it have a longer growing season? Does it ship better? Is it packed with more Vitamin C?

In conclusion, I recommend the clemenvilla as a tasty fruit, but it takes a back crate to the clementine.


Panic in New York said...

I love me some clementines!

LDP said...

I love everything about clementines. I would like a clementine-scented after shave balm.

dryanna said...


Demetrius Romanos said...

They're like the French equivalent of Tangelos I guess?!? As long as they're still delish, who can complain!?!

Anonymous said...

It might be late, but I just discovered your blog.
WHy are they called Clemenvilla?
Because they come from the Catalan (spanish? valencian? - depends on your beliefs) city of Villa-real on the east cost of Spain, just north of Valencia.

Just my two cents of knowledge ;)

Anonymous said...

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