Saturday, 31 May 2008

Une fête des fées

Our baby girl turned seven today. To celebrate, we had a fairy party, which included (in case you’re in the dark about fairy parties) making floral headpieces, finding flower fairies that led to treasure, eating smallish foods, and dancing to music and freezing when DJ gnome stopped the music.

All went well until I pulled the scarf too tight on the birthday fairy’s head during pin-the-flower-on-the-fairy game, whereupon she ran screaming into the other room, accusing me of ruining her birthday. Oh, la, la …

Things turned around once the fairy finding began and the human fairies were all fairly giddy upon opening their treasure. Happiness truly is a treasure bag filled with magical surprises.

The fairies left a note stating that the seventh year is a special one. I hope they are aware that the sixth year is going to be hard to outdo. Notable events in our fairy’s sixth year include:
A summer of family reunion fun from Saugatuck, Michigan to Long Beach, California.

Saying goodbye to wonderful family, friends and neighbors and heading to Paris for a year. Or more. Or less.

Bravely entering a school where she knows no one except her brother down the hall, and doesn’t understand what the teacher is saying.

Going to school each day despite the fact that her teacher is physically (or psychologically) unable to smile, and en plus, she greets the children with the manner of an undertaker, and all this with nary a complaint.

Learning to ride a bike with no training wheels on the wide and smooth pavement below that we fondly call “our front yard”.

Eating all sorts of new dishes at the cantine every day.

Trekking on a camel and spending the night in the Moroccan desert.

Learning to comprehend, read, and finally speak French (when necessary).

Going to the Picard (a high-end frozen foods store) to get a dessert with her brother only- no parents! (It’s right below our apartment, so don’t call the authorities- yet.)

I suspect the fairies are right about the seventh year being special. Every year is unique with its own set of discoveries, challenges, disappointments, and joys. Here’s to the special seventh!

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