Sunday, 13 July 2008

St. Jean de Luz

We were told we had to see the Basque countryside before leaving France, and so that's why we ended up in St. Jean de Luz. It's not in the countryside, but on the coast, and this way we could tour the country and enjoy the beach. And indeed, it was a green, lush mountainous region with sheep and horses grazing on the hillsides.

This is a train we took to the top of La Rhune mountain which offered a spectacular view.

At la ferme Ostalapia where we had a great dinner (thanks Alain).

Maggie had some friends also vacationing in the area.

There are Irish in basque country.

Sean enjoys a pot of "moules".

The promenade along the St. Jean de Luz beach.

Quinn had a week of surf lessons which he really enjoyed and was able to ride some ways the last few days. Here,surfer dude at rest, and earlier, piling into the cool van.

View of Biarritz

The view from our apartment in St. JEan de Luz, and nature girl at work.

Typical basque church interior.