Friday, 19 July 2013

Une experience magnifique a Sarlat

Beginning with a warm greeting from the responsable, our trip at the Indigo Camping in Sarlat was great.  The tents were well equipped with stove, fridge, plates, silverware and all sorts of utensils which made cooking inside the tent a memorable and  an unusual experience. Cleaning the dishes in the communal sink  provided an opportunity to chat with the other campers, most of whom were staying in RVs.  There were raquets and ping pong paddles on hand for table or full sized tennis, and there was an outdoor and indoor pool, along with a sauna which was very welcome in the cooler temperature.  Our responsables were the best, offering advice on which canoe livery to take,  lending the phone to make reservations, and answering all the various questions I had during the day. We would definitely go again.   


Daisy de Plume said...

Hi, I'd like to invite you to a Treasure Hunt at the Louvre (what my company, THATLou, stands for) on either the night of 30 Oct (theme: Death, for Halloween / La Toussaint) or afternoon of Sat 30 Nov (theme: Food + Wine), but I don't see a contact form/button on your site. I apologise for leaving a message on your blog this way. If you'd like to join, my email is Kind regards, Daisy

Clifford Grey said...

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