Wednesday, 19 September 2007


Quinn started soccer today, and he takes a big bus to and from the soccer field with about 48 other kids and only 2 coaches! I told him to be alert in order to not be lost in the shuffle. He said he had a good time. His friend Sacha translated what the coach was saying for him. Yeah for friends!

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mary said...

Yeah for friends! Indeed! So happy that things are going so well. Thanks for sharing your adventures. I want to write Life if Beautiful but I don't know how to say it in French. Vie means life and bon means good so maybe I could say bon vie! Does that mean good life? I suspect that is not quite right. Well hopefully you get the gist. We miss you Dianna! The sunday night crew hasn't gotten together since you left. Who knew you were the glue?!
We all agreed that we need to get together soon and more often.