Thursday, 13 September 2007


I have to say, the kids really have been good sports. They happily have been getting up when (or before for Quinn) their alarms ring, get dressed and are cheerfully ready to start the day.

This is despite the fact that Quinn is struggling with what the teacher writes on the board (he has to read French, and in cursive which he is not used to). He is also uncertain of what his English assignments are, as they are not written down. Sometimes he remembers at bedtime and is all sad that he is "getting behind". We definitely have some after school tutoring to work into our day.

Maggie eagerly skips to school with her man bag (she informed me there is no such thing as a "girl bag"). And she does this knowing that she hasn't quite made friends she can talk to. There was an adorable girl named Lily in her class with whom she was becoming a good friend (they talked AND giggled together), but her parents have snatched her out of Maggie's class to advance her to the second grade. Additionally, her teacher seems a bit serious, and Maggie has had enough of the mazes they have been doing too much of in class.

So, my hats are off to these little troopers. School has been a big change, and so far, they are keeping their spirits up.

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