Friday, 7 June 2013

Shades of Chagall

A cobalt blue background with a bride and groom hovering near the Eiffel Tower is my immediate image of a Chagall painting. But catch the Marc Chagall exposition at the Musee de Luxembourg until July 21st to see a broader selection of his work. You can almost tell which are his Russian paintings due to the more serious themes and harder,darker lines. It's as if his pictures mimic the effect that moving to Paris and finding his wife had on him, becoming light and dreamy.  Can anyone relate?


Ohlala Maman said...

Yes! Very excited about this show, a lovely thing to go to in the summer in the Jardin.

Siobhán said...

Yes I would agree with that. They are more dreamy and full of that gorgeous blue, the colour of deep emotion to me. I love Chagall and especially the Paris inspired paintings. They are so full of beauty, love and life. This exhibition would be bliss! :)