Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Un villa in the Sud?

We arrived to find a crisp, clean outdoor pool, a heated indoor pool with a sauna and a pair of tennis courts.  We must be staying in a pricey villa with such nicely appointed features, non?  Well, not exactly.  In searching for a place in the Dordogne, with activities for kids, that is not in the middle of some beautiful field of wildflowers, I kept coming across 'les campings'.  I saw past the pictures of mobile homes with their oversized structures, and noticed the quaint little tents that come fully furnished with beds (!), a frigo, a grill, a dining table and all the dishes one could use in such an accomodation.  Perfect, I thought.  We can 'camp' without dragging half of a carload with us.  En plus, we'll be saving money (in theory only,  just yesterday we managed to spend 23 Euros on nougat.  My husband has been asking for YEARS, what is nougat anyway?  Well now we know the taste, but still could not explain it.)

Anyway, our little tente en toile et bois is charming for a short stay.  There are board games (which can become a little serious under our roof), raquettes for tennis, ping pong paddles and table, un petit dejeuner if ordered in advance.  We made s'mores over the indoor grill, even.  

 Showers and toilets didn't even occur to me until my neighbor back home asked about them.  Oh, I don't know, I said smugly, I'm sure there'll be something.  And to be fair, they're not bad, what you might find at a kids summer camp.  The only problem is, just now I have a bit of the stomach cramps and queasiness, which has me posted outside of the front office (location of the nicest loos).  I dread heading back to the tent for fear that I'll  need to turn right back around.  Minutes ago, my husband and I used the shower intended for rinsing oneself off after the sauna.  We, however, snuck in shampoo, conditioner and soap for a quick shower in a nicer environment.  I'm afraid my children are learning a few naughty things on this trip- bending the rules, and des gros mots are just a couple.   I am now surrounded by retirees, the only other people staying at the site, and I am uncertain of how my body will behave in public.  So it's off to la tente.  Bon soir.

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