Wednesday, 23 April 2008

A Day in and yet out of Paris

We began our exploration of the 19th arrondisement at the Parc des Buttes Chaumont. What a treat for the eyes it was! It was a pleasant surprise to see big buttes or hills as well as the mont chauve, or bald mountain which is central to the park and crowned with a pretty temple. There was also a lovely waterfall that could be found by following your ears. In this park you are transported away from Paris, perhaps to Japan. It is unlike any other in Paris. It has a very peaceful feel despite the many joggers and martial artists.

We were then transported to Holland, or so it seemed by the canals with boardwalks on either side. By boat we explored 10th arrondisement through the waterways Canal St. Martin, featured in the movie Amelie, and Canal de l'Ourcq. It was fun passing into a lock and being magically lowered down as crowds of onlookers watched and grew smaller as we descended and entered the next channel of the canal.

It felt as though we had taken a day trip outside of Paris, and yet there we were in the heart of the city.


Starman said...

Canal St. Martin is an experience I will soon enjoy for the first time.

dryanna said...

Have a great trip, Starman!