Sunday, 27 April 2008

Marrakech Express

Instead of a train from Casablanca going South, we boarded an Easy Jet flight from Paris and arrived into Marrakech just three short hours later.

As we headed into Marrakech we passed many little scooters or mopeds filled with two and even three people. Sometimes a family of four was aboard, with a little sleeping baby somewhere in the pack.

Being a Sunday, we passed throngs of people at the local park. It was a Moroccan version of Chicago's "Saturday in the Park" or Seurat's Sunday in the Park. It was a happy scene.

Our first Moroccan meal was bean soup followed by an egg and meatball tajine, both very flavorful. Orange slices sprinkled with cinnamon was an excellent finish to the meal.

We let in a cool breeze from the windows in our room which looked over the peach colored walls and buildings of Marrakech with the minaret peaking out over the Place Djema Efna. Contrasted with the peach color were varying shades of trees including date and evergreens.

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