Monday, 28 April 2008

The Atlas Mountains

After hopping into a Toyota 4 x 4 with our driver Hassan, who is Berber in his roots, heart and soul, we began our journey into and over the Atlas Mountains. What a spectacular drive! A beautiful view greeted us around every bend, and changed every 100 kilometers.

Along the way:
Colorful carpets on deep brown hillsides
Women washing clothes in creeks
Sheeps and shepherd on rust colored rocky hillsides
Mountains in soft green,dusty grey, violet and deep orange/red
Bundles of freshly harvested wheat and herbs on the backs of women
Dry mountains all around with a fertile green line at the foot following a river or stream
Small children riding a donkey
Mud/clay villages perched on and blending into hillside
Slushie colored geodes being sold at the roadside
Terraced and farmed plots on the brown hillside

*Click on third and fourth picture down to see "hidden" village on mountain side and planted plots.

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