Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Ballet and soccer finales

Despite not wanting to go week after week, M hung in with her ballet classes, and the final show/class was today. Typically, once she arrived and began dancing, she enjoyed it, but not knowing exactly what the teacher was saying always bothered her a little. It was not a big production, they wore their usual outfits, but the teacher added some pink flowers to their hair. M was nervous and was a little shy dancing in front of an audience including Sean's cousin Grant and his wife Mary, fearing she wouldn't remember the right order of dances. But all went very well. The little darlings were quite cute and M is very present and exact in her movements. She is fun to watch. I was proud that she stayed with it and enjoyed the show at the end.

Isn't her teacher the very image of a French ballet teacher?

Meanwhile, Q had his last soccer practice which ended with a party. All the kids were supposed to bring a snack, and Quinn's Pringles were about the only non-candy addition. Needless to say, he was a bit fired up after that last practice. He's looking forward to playing with his former coaches, Mark and Chris in the Fall.

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