Monday, 30 June 2008

School days - M

A few weeks ago, M brought home a folder of work she had recently done. She picked up this paper and began reading this whole passage to me in French. It is amazing to hear her sound out the words and pronounce them with such a great accent. This was a reading and comprehension measurement, and I was pleased that she could not only read the sentences, but she knew very well what it was about. It's awesome!

This little piece is a dictation in which the teacher reads a paragraph and the students have to spell the words and use correct punctuation. I'm amazed at how much she has learned after only one year.

These little pieces go together. M has a whole book of songs to which she has created pictures. Very cute.

But after all is said and done, this is what M will remember:

An Eiffel Tower confection.

Thursday singing group.

Playing with A and L at Parc Monceau.

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