Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Montmartre and Sacre Coeur at night

Okay, so my friend wanted to see Sacre Coeur the other night. So at 10 PM we take the metro and then the funiculaire to the top. It was a beautiful night to be on the "mont". The city of Paris laid out in front of us was very pretty, the crowds were minimal and the white of the church was beautiful as ever against the darkening skies. We walked over to Place de Tertre where you almost had to beg to have someone sketch your photo. The streets had not too many people as to annoy us, but enough human presence as to not be creepy. The quartier was magical at night and we stayed around long enough to see the Eiffel Tower put on its show on the hour at 11 PM. I thought as we walked back down toward the metro, "my Cincinnati friend can't be this far from the red light district and the Moulin Rouge without a little looksee." So I escorted her through the shadier side of Paris, past the sex shops and the crazy/drunk folks on the benches. No one really frightened us, just one man who growled our way. You can bet I growled back. I could then call our tour properly finished. Bonsoir.

* My husband, sensing he missed a good time, duplicated the tour with his cousin and neice a few nights later. It's funny how safe you feel in Paris. Even in the seediest places, there is a sense of security.

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