Saturday, 13 October 2007

Bad influences

As many of you know, our boy Q has been underexposed to media. His world is pretty small, and he's figuring that out. He's wondering why he can't see Rush Hour III, (I don't know why myself- know nothing about it yet).

So yesterday Q is walking home with his buddy M and they are enjoying a song on M's ipod. We had to go our way and Q had to give his earpiece back. He said, "Aw mamma, I love that song". The last song he really was moved by was James Taylor's "Going to Carolina" (in My Mind). He also took an intriguing liking to John Prine's music (glad he didn't understand all the lyrics).

Curious, I asked what song it was. Q couldn't remember the title. He sang some words, something like "white and dirty". He said it was gangster music- does he have any idea what that is, I wonder.

Oh dear. I don't really want him listening to songs where women are referred to as b------ and p----, or that glorify guns and violence.

Turns out he was listening to Weird Al Yankovic's satire of a rap song. Weird Al's version is "white and nerdy". Here it is, if you'd like a listen and a laugh.

So I really do have reason for alarm. My boy likes Weird Al. That's hard to take. Okay, the video is pretty funny, and the tune does get stuck in your head. One of us has been humming a bit of it all weekend- even Maggie. Sometimes we make up our own words based on what we're doing " I want to roll with (pause) my scooter (pause), so I can get to school faster". You get the picture. Not real pretty.

In addition, Weird Al makes fun of chess and segways and Dungeons and Dragons. Enough is enough. I'll have to have a talk with M's parents to see if he has any other suitable songs.

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