Sunday, 14 October 2007

French radio

You hear the best songs on French radio. Sure, you can hear French songs, but they play the most eclectic mix of American songs mixed in with their own. Everything from Roberta Flack to Simon and Garfunkel to Macy Gray could be heard while shopping at our supermarket, Monoprix.

Two songs that I got a real kick out of hearing lately on our home radio are "Winchester Cathedral" a 1920's sounding song which is kind of hilarious and dates back to the 1960's I think, and Arrested Development's (no, not the TV show- I always think people are talking about the band when they are talking about the TV show which really irks me) "Mr. Wendell" with its laid back funky sound.

"Winchester Cathedral" took me back to my childhood when my little brother and I made up a silly dance to accompany the comical sound and lyrics.

"Mr. Wendell" took me back to dancing with friends until the wee hours of the morning and then eating at Perkins on short Vine. Oh the good ole days.

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