Saturday, 27 October 2007

Our other living room

Because Parisians live in a relatively small space in their apartments, the parks and cafes become an extension of this space. People hang out in a cafe much the same way they might at home in their living room- reading the paper, chatting on the phone, entertaining a friend, or working on a computer. In the parks, they try to offer some amusement and places to relax. Ping pong is one such offering at the park near us. Quinn was quite excited when I came home with our very own set of ping pong paddles to use in our extended living room. Sometimes there are others playing and we have to wait to play. One day, two boys invited Quinn to play a round of rotating ping pong, and after observing a while, he joined in. After a player hits the ball, he runs to the other side of the table to hit the ball from that side. In this way, more than two people can join in, and it becomes more athletic. Yeah, I know, it's a bit of a stretch. Ping pong as a sport. I wonder if there's a chart that shows how many calories are burned per hour playing ping pong. Anyone know? 50, 150?

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