Sunday, 2 December 2007


We just arrived back from a nice trip to Brussels. What a time we had! Here are my top 7 (because it's such a magical number) memories.

7- Tin Tin murals.
6- A Dungeon and Dragonesque carrousel.

5- Waffles and frites(apparently Belgium is the true home of the "French fry".)
4- Tasty brunch in a fantastic bookstore.
3- Mannekin pis dressed up like Saint Nick, and "taking care of business".

2- City Hall lit up at night with Christmas lights, and the nearby Christmas market. Truly spectacular.

1- Seeing Sean's family, including watching Jeremy's soccer game (he is FAST!), and much imaginative play among J, Q and M which involved building forts and marching. Not to forget, M senior, a teen,entertained us with various music videos and humorous episodes from Mad TV, along with a cool dance she performed live. There is a whole world out there about which I know nothing, and M helped shed some light there.

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Starman said...

The Belgium-France debate over the origin of the "French fry", has been going on for decades, with neither side being able to prove their case.