Friday, 7 December 2007

Yes I did

I traveled as far away from our apartment today as possible without leaving zone two of my metro pass. Charenton Ecoles was my destination, and it is outside of the peripherique of Paris. What was so intriguing that I took an hour commute to an otherwise unknown metro stop? Well, this gem of a bike was the reason. It was being sold on Craig's list for 20 Euros, and in the end, I paid 15 Euros for it. The big adrenaline rush for the day was taking it into the metro. Bicycles and roller skates and blades are not allowed on the subway. But this little colorful bike hardly takes up any space, so I snuck her on, even passing a group of police as I transferred trains at Opera. Phew, as Maggie would say. I just looked at the map again and realized if sneaking the bike onto the metro hadn't worked, I would have ended up paying well over 60 Euros for that little bike because the cab fare for such a long route would have been astronomical. Double phew!

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