Saturday, 22 December 2007

Cheeseburger please

And make it greasy. If you're anything like me, you like to have a juicy cheeseburger every couple of months. Tonight we happened into Le Seven on rue St. Dominique. The tapas with guacamole and tomatoes on the menu were what initially took me inside the smallish restaurant. I was happy to find out that they would serve dinner at 6:30, which is quite early for a French dinner.

My family piled into the back (espace non-fumeur- for what that's worth in a small room). The kids were happy to see TV screens on each wall showing a soccer match. The friendly server spoke to us in English, and when I was surprised to see cheeseburgers (not steak hache) and COLE SLAW on the menu, he explained that it was an American diner. Oh, no wonder they serve dinner earlier and have items like quesadillas on the menu.

Our food came quickly as we were the only ones there for a while. While Lyon tied Nancy in the soccer match, we enjoyed our cheeseburgers and fries. The fries were more like potato wedges, but very tasty, and come to the table with little packets of ketchup and mayonnaise, as well as barbecue sauce. The cheeseburger was everything I had hoped for despite the bizarre bright orange "cheese sauce". I was a little disappointed to see this sauce instead of a melted slice of cheese, but the overall taste was great. Tomatoes, lettuce, pickle and onion accompanied the burger which added to my enjoyment.

The curry chicken penne that my husband ordered was not as satisfying however. It tasted like some experimental dish I would have whipped up on my own. His first choice of gorgonzola penne was no longer available, so he tried the curry penne, and neither of us would recommend it.

So for those of you craving a thick, tasty burger without spending a fortune (12,50 Euros), I highly recommend Le Seven. But see if they'll give you a real slice of cheese on top. They probably don't have "American" cheese, which is fine, but Emmenthaler or Comte would be fine. Bon Appetit.

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