Tuesday, 18 March 2008

C'mon get happy!

Where's the big happy Partridge bus when you need it? We have the Partridge family coming into town for a reunion, or maybe it's the Brady Bunch, I'm not sure. We have the two squeaky clean, smart, talented and daring (not to mention darling) parents who have decided to leave their rich, carefully laid out existence in Cincinnati and take the tour on the road to the city of Lights. Greg, Marcia, Jan, Cindy and Bobby are now grown with their own children. Peter is gay and living in the Marais, despite the facade of a beautiful wife, and definitely a colorful element in the Parisian tour. During the tour, there are some out of town gigs planned for Brussells, Luxembourg and the Normandy coast. You can be sure that this musical family will be singing Jacques Brel in French and English along the way.

There will be mishaps along the way as the family can't quite find the right song to sing for the "war tour" of the Normandy coast. Greg insists on singing Jim Morrison's "THis is the End" while Marcia wants to sing Peter Paul and Mary's "Blowin' in the Wind". Of course, Peter has them blend the songs in a showtune medley sort of way. Also, in the confusion of scheduling and picking up people for different parts of the tour, Cindy and her daughter Mrs. B get left at the airport for three days.

But in true Partridge or Brady style, the parents give thanks for the mishaps, realizing that it's the hard times that really pull them together as a family. "Yes," they tell the grandchildren, "it's not about the hot flaky croissants, or the thrilling ride up the Eiffel Tower's elevator, or the big red bus tour, or even the hot chocolate at Angelina's; no, it's about trying to ask for directions in French, and waiting patiently while a stranger tries repeatedly to correct your pronunciation of "rue" instead of giving you an answer. Yes, little ones, this is what this is all about."

Marcia is still mad at Jan, however because the mime in front of the Pompidou Center chose Jan to be a part of his show. Marcia said it was because Jan pushed her way to the front of the crowd. None of this matters, however, because soon it is discovered that Bobby's son, Bobby, is climbing the supports of the Pompidou Center.

The family's finale is a gig where the family performs a fundraiser to build a writer's wing onto the American Library. Peter encourages the family to end with
"I think I Love You" in honor of his "friend" that he has been "hooking up with" at the library "to write". In all, the tour is a success, the family all returns to their corners of the world, happy from shared experiences, and happier still to have a bathroom all to themselves.

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