Thursday, 6 March 2008


I've always wondered what North Africa was like. I had met Algerians and Tunisians years ago in Paris, and they'd tell me about their beautiful country and share some of the regional music with me. One of the advantages of living in Paris, is having the continent of Africa nearby. It was but a 2 1/2 hour flight to Tunis.

First Impressions of Tunisia
Blue Skies
Palm Trees
Friendly People
Distant Mountains
Olive Groves
Sheep in Green Patches
Women Stooped in a Field
Goats on a Slope
A Lone Sheep Tied to the Guardrail

Medina of Tunisia
Labyrinthine streets.
Storekeepers beckoning.
Deutch, Francais, Anglais? Norwegien? All an effort to better entice you.
Colorful tunics, sequined slippers, not so essential oils, pottery, carpets, fezzes.
Where is the way out? You seem to just get sucked further and further in.
Stop and snack on nut balls. Tasty. Eventually the nearby traders leave us alone as we huddle around our snack.
We find our way back to the opening of the medina. Open space. Sunshine. No venders.

Tunisians react to Maggie and QuinnWaiters won’t let her pass at the restaurant, with smiles on their faces.
Her head is patted twelve times in one day.
A carload of teenage girls, and another of teenage boys smile and point at Q and M.
Policeman makes quick movement in a crowd to come over and pat M on the head.
A waiter comes up to her at dinner and make animal sounds in her ear.

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Starman said...

If I wasn't aware that Q and M are your children, I would have thought from this entry that they were pets. What strange reactions to children.