Sunday, 30 March 2008

Le Renard et l'enfant at le Denfert

Okay, from my posts, you can see I've seen a lot of movies this week (not to mention the fabulous opera, Le Temps des Gitanes). Today was no exception. I had been wanting to see this movie about a girl who befriends a fox for some time, and we finally had the chance.

What an enchanting movie it is! The beautiful nature footage is as compelling as the storyline. The main character is a ten year old girl who lives in a most beautiful region of France (and Italy as it were because some of the footage was taken there). She spends hours of her days outdoors in prairies and forests. After seeing a fox, she is compelled to find it, and later, befriend it. Trying to connect to the fox actually takes a few seasons, and finally, slowly they "tame" each other. (I have to say, it kind of reminded me of the Little Prince's taming of the fox in Antoine de St. Exupery's story. I wonder if the story was inspired from this?)

The fox and girl spend many days adventuring together in the great wild, and danger is often close at hand. We often wondered where the parental supervision was, but were secretly glad those potentially pesky parents left her alone to discover the stunning and unpredictable world of nature that she enters. The kids were on the age of their seats. I won't spoil the ending to this movie as I have in the past. I do recommend it highly for people of all ages.

We viewed the movie at le Denfert in the 14th. This little theatre shows about 17 diverse films a week, all in the same room. Here is an example of what can be seen this week: La graine et le mulet, Caramel, Persepolis, La vie des autres, Jours d'hiver, Ratatouille, etc. And most are in their version originale, so if you want to see Into the wild in English, there you go. The theatre is entered by going down steps and entering the lower level, or you can go up a few steps and watch from the balcon. We found the seats very comfortable and the theatre clean. I love these little Parisian cinemas!

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Merci de l'information. I'll check this when I'm next in Paris.