Monday, 10 March 2008

Final scenes of Tunisia

Tunisia was a mix of Italy, Florida and Mexico to me. The green hills and groves of olive trees could have been in Tuscany. The ever present orange, which we often had fresh squeezed, as well as the strips of white one story buildings was reminiscent of Florida. The warmth of the people, the enthusiasm for soccer, and the readiness to negociate at the markets took me back to Mexico.

Here is a parting look at Tunisia:

A litte bit of Tuscany

There were several carloads of men and boys riding crazily on the highway heading to a big soccer match between to Tunisian teams, sitting on the edges of the windows while flying their team's flag.

Q and M wouldn't get near the camel fearing it would spit at them.

These were a couple of nice folks whose restaurant we frequented. They gave us a big bag of oranges the day before we left.

View from the hotel.

Dates growing in a tree.

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