Monday, 10 March 2008

Hammamet and The Bardo

Hammamet is a pretty area with a promenade along the Mediterranean. Its medina is enclosed within fortified walls, which made it even more maze-like and thus more difficult to get to the outside where there were no venders. Now, I'm not totally anti-capitalist, but I'd rather not purchase items from people blocking my path and telling me to enter their stores, one after another.

The Bardo was a palace turned museum near Tunis that specialized in mosaics as well as archaeological artifacts. Some "early man" artifacts at the Bardo.

A tile in the likeness of Jesus from 400 A.D.

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Starman said...

It's like that in the Pigalle section of Paris, also. Like you, I'm not too happy to be grabbed by the arm and "invited" into an establishment.