Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Adventure Family

Today we set aside to do the parcourse, or ropes course in the trees . The particular one we drove to is called AccroPassion. There are many levels, some for as little as 3 and a half year olds, up to the most extreme, in which out of 1500 who have tried, only 24 have made it through the course.

The guide straps us into our equipment and explains how to use everything. He demonstrates how to click in to use the zip line, and how to click onto the rope that you grab Tarzan style to jump to the next platform.

We start by doing a yellow level which is fairly easy and close to the ground, and a great way to get used to our equipment. We continue on to the orange level which is a fair bit more challenging. At one point, we click onto the cable overhead and mount a scooter which travels on a high cable toward the next platform. The ride is a crazy one as it feels like the scooter is going to tip over the whole time you ride. It was an act of faith boarding this one. Quinn and Sean go onto the blue level which is higher and more challenging still. Maggie and I try out the white course, which while being close to the ground, requires the use of muscles not normally used on a daily basis.

After breaking for lunch at the scenic town of Salon de Provence, we return ready for more challenges. Quinn leads me through the blue level which at one point I am scared to death, I must walk sideways on the high cable while holding onto a rope. I am walking through my fear with the aid of the kids behind me singing “the Marseillaise”.

After completing the green course, which was still age appropriate for Quinn, he wanted to do the red course. I think you’re supposed to be 12, but the guy who helped us said Quinn could do it if an adult went with him and stayed close. Are you ready, Sean? I think there were a couple of times that Quinn was rethinking this decision. At one point while Maggie and I were nervously watching, Quinn had to walk across the cable sideways while holding onto a cable overhead. Not the hardest technically, except that he was too short for the course, and could barely reach. Sean actually lifted the lower cable so Quinn could touch. The second to last part of the course was totally scary, even just to watch. You had to walk from a kind of a trapeze to the next trapeze, while holding cable overhead. Of course, Quinn’s legs could barely reach from swing to swing, and he could barely reach the upper cables. And he was exhausted. He would have probably quit if he could have, but there you are, and you have no way back down. I wish I had a picture. Totally brave little dude. He did it and was so thrilled! And Sean did it too. Very scary.

Way to go fellas!


Panic in New York said...

That is not my best side!

marge schott said...

says who?!

Panic in New York said...

I love you Marge!