Monday, 5 November 2007

Posting pause

I think I need to take some time off of posting blogs. I nearly scared myself to death last night. We dined at a restaurant that had Wifi; and I stayed behind after our dinner to post some pictures. It pains me to send descriptions of Provence without pictures- it shouldn't be done.

So, I was working with a spotty connection when my little Fujitsu ran out of steam just before the pictures were nearly posted. I asked the owners if they minded if I came back, and they did not.

I scamper through the deserted streets back home (our hotel is only actually about a block away, but a very dark and unlively block) to recharge my battery to finish my picture posting. I plug in the computer and let it charge. After about 30 minutes, there is enough "juice" to continue.

However, common sense alnost won over which caused me to pause and reconsider going out in the eerily quiet streets. I think about my readership, and decide the posts must go on.

I open the loud scary gate, look around and tear up the street. It is so calm and dark, I wonder if the restaurant is still open. Thankfully it is. I connect and upload the pictures hoping it won't take too long. It takes forever, and the last customers have now gone. It's just the owners, who are very friendly, and me. I am the first customer to use the Wifi as it turns out.

Finally, the pictures post and now I wonder about my walk home. I thank the owners and enter the now very ominous (at least in my mind) street. There are some pedestrians walking my way across the street and I m glad for their presence. I walk a little faster, and then a stray dog appears out of nowhere and comes straight at me and follows me. My leg is still a bit ugly from my last dog encounter, and I am freaked out.

I cross the street to where the other people are, and ask if it is their dog, and mention I am afraid of dogs. They state that the dog is not theirs, but it seems friendly enough. Why does it just follow me? Thankfully, they are also staying at the same hotel, and I am calm again. I tell myself I'll just get behind on my blog posting, but I'm not doing that again.

As you can see, I can post words without Wifi but no pictures. I am currently typing on the hotel Internet that has a French keyboard in which many letters are in different places. So if I typed a normal sentence, it would look like this: Do you see zhqt i ,eqn; this is totqlly hqrd to do eith this keyboqrd qnd it tqkes tzice qs long: You get the picture.

In conclusion, it may be delayed a few days, but do check back for an update on Provence.

à bientot!>

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