Thursday, 15 November 2007

Welcome to the future

Okay, I have to interrupt my usual broadcasting for a minute to comment on something totally crazy I just read.

Milk from cloned cows will be at the supermarket soon. What? Cloned cows!? Yes, and the FDA has approved milk from cloned cows, and it doesn't have to be labeled as such. This will appear at a supermarket near you unless an amendment is added to the 2007-2012 Farm Bill (which benefits factory farms, not small family farms). The amendment would call for a moratorium on cloned cows' milk until the effects of drinking such milk is studied. Sounds prudent to me. (Check out for more information on this topic).

Here's where I tie it back in to France. Even France's President Nicholas Sarkozy has put a moratorium on genetically modified foods, erring on the side of safety until further research is done. Tres bien fait, Sarkozy!

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