Saturday, 10 November 2007

Kids night at the Louvre

Did you know that there is dried food on display that the Egyptians packed away 4000 years ago for the afterlife? People after my own heart. Not only thinking about the next meal, but the meals into eternity. The usual items- dates, wheat berries, nuts, and they didn't look much different than if they sat out on our kitchen table for a week, which is quite possible. This is just one of the things we learned on a guided family outing to the Louvre.

Last night, we overcame (or tried to) our fatigue after a long week, and went to the Louvre outing I signed us up for some weeks ago. Our guide was a woman who co-authored a book about exploring the Louvre with your kids. She was quite good at drawing the kids into the art and history. The book is packed with information and activities. It breaks down visits to the Louvre into 9 one hour segments that can easily be followed by reading the book or adventure cards. So, you families that have threatened to visit, I might just whip this out while you are here.

Look at our little Miss Mod Squad.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Looking for Buildings in three dimensional shapes and looking for the history of the Louvre Pyramid and up comes your Blog.

Honey we're not in Paris anymore.
Happy fall