Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Strike day

Another strike has been called. No transportation. The kids' school is closed again. It's not really exciting like a "snow day" back home. No bundling up, heading for a big hill filled with people, and careening down it on a sled or innertube with a big mug of hot cocoa to follow.

No, here in Paris on strike day, we called up some of M and Q's friends who live close, and we marched off to see a movie on the Champs-Elysees. I had wanted to see "A Day on Earth", but a parent warned that her friend's family went, and they all came out crying- adult, 12 year old and younger children. Thanks for the warning.

We opted to see "Surf's Up" instead. Yeah, the little animated penguins that surf. The "polar" opposite of "A Day on Earth". I wanted something light and mindless and that's what I got. It was fun hearing the little surfer dude penguin speaking in French, complete with "ouai" and "touche pas mon pote", as one might expect from an adolescent bird.

The friends then came over and had a fun time sliding around the apartment after each other- our floors are very slippery! We ended with a treat- pain au chocolat and pain au raisin.

We have a couple of strike sympathizers on our hands now, albeit for all the wrong reasons.

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