Saturday, 2 February 2008

Day in La Defense

I've often seen the skyscrapers looming in the distance, and have appreciated how its modern arch lines up with the Arc de Triomphe and the Arc du Carrousel du Louvre, but I've never had the interest or need to go to la Défense.

However, on Thursday my husband needed to pick up some products for work at the Toys R Us in la Défense, and I decided to meet him there after he had time to check out the aisles. Having barely entered the Dome, I spot my husband sitting at the Starbuck's. He's been a bit homesick lately, and what better place to go than Le Dome at La Défense. They have Ben and Jerry's, Starbucks, and a cinema in addition to Toys R Us.
We decide to visit the Arch despite the price of 9 Euros to get to the top. There are a couple of modern painting exhibits, including paintings with a 3-D effect, and yes, you get to wear the fun glasses. I have to say that the view wasn't very interesting at the top, but there is a film that describes the history of the Arch which is fairly interesting. The glass elevator ride to the top and back down was kind of thrilling.

Because it was such a cold day, and there was an unsettling breeze blowing, we decided to see a movie. We chose Into the Wild directed by Sean Penn. I thought it was a phenomenal and heartbreaking story.

Overall, unless homesick for an American style mall and in France for many months, I would forego La Défense, albeit it is a good place to cure a dose of homesickness and to see a film.


Starman said...

We are going to be in Paris this summer. We have been many times, but we never felt the need to go to La Defense, either. We are going to go this time so we can at least say we've been there.

AnnieC, Portland OR said...

I love your blog! I keep hoping for a bit of "back story" - why did you decide to stay in France for a year? How did that work with commitments/employment back in the States? I know you're a French teacher - how is your husband doing with the language?

It would be great if you would fill out your profile!

Misplaced said...

Really- how is your husband doing with the language? I love your blog too.

Panic in New York said...

Hey Misplaced mind your own business.
You can go to my blog to get my side of the story.

dryanna said...

starman- don't say I didn't warn you!

anniec- look for a "back story" soon. thanks for the suggestion.

misplaced and annie- language learning for mon mari- about a 2 out of 5.

misplaced- back at ya, bro. you've got some sharp and witty writing.

panic- don't be harshin' on my fellow bloggers, dude!