Monday, 4 February 2008

The fun of immersion education

This is to balance out my last report on the kids' schooling- the perils of immersion education.

Today our daughter came skipping out of school with this darling little recipe. It is a simple French cucumber salad.

Upon arriving home, M. eagerly washed her hands and we set out to follow the recipe. I would read out "épluche le concombre", and she would diligently scrape the green skin off. There were no quantities given, so she just added what she felt was right. After all four ingredients were combined, my little chef said, "it's better if they soak a while in the dressing." By the time dinner was served, they were quite perfect.

Our son has been busy adding drawings to his history text, as well as learning how to conjugate avoir, être and -er verbs. Every couple of weeks he is given a French song to sing. The song for the past two weeks is actually a poem by Jacques Prévert, set to music by Joseph Kosma and sung by Yves Montand. It's quite a long poem, and we listened to the song to try and make it easier, but it's a tricky one in terms of tune and rhythm. Little Q. is on his own for this one.

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