Monday, 11 February 2008

Magical Mont St. Michel

This week's posting will be details of our weekend at Mont St. Michel. During our last visit, there was only time for a brief looksee, and it left us wanting more.

After studying the calendar and tide schedule, it looked like the weekend of February 9th-10th would be a great time to catch the tides at reasonable hours. Saturday night, the tide was scheduled to peak at 9:02, and Sunday morning at 9:17. There are days and weeks in which the tide doesn't come in at all, so we figured we would be very lucky to catch the tide at night and in the morning.

We booked a room about a month and a half ago, and set out on Saturday at 10:30 AM in a rental car. It was a beautiful journey through the countryside, and as we approached Mont St. Michel, small farms with sheep and haystacks were a common sight. It was about a 3 1/2 hour trip in all. You could see Mont St. Michel beckoning in the distance, and I thought about Dorothy finally seeing the majesty of Oz.


Dean said...

It does look like Oz in the distance!

Starman said...

I think it's a pleasure I will have to forego. My problème respirer will not permit it.