Monday, 11 February 2008

Happy Birthday Sean!

Along with the other throngs of people sending messages by phone and email, I thought I'd give my spouse a happy birthday shout.

We celebrated his big day first by dining at the Jules Vernes on the Tour Eiffel. The food was really tasty and there was an overriding theme of froth. The little precursory taste of lobster was in a foamy froth, which was light and tasty. Our cauliflower veloute was but a tiny avocado souffle in a cloud of froth until they brought the steamy soup and poured it on the froth. A very cool effect, and delicious. My entree of fish was also on a sea of froth and champignons. I was actually surprised that our carmel pastry dessert was not resting on a bed of froth. A sweet bed of egg whites could have been easily whipped into froth, I think it was an oversight. Overall, a tasty meal, and a gorgeous day to spend overlooking the city of light.

For dinner, Misplaced and Dodging Lions joined us along with DL's beautiful wife, Julie. The kids performed a skit wherein they dressed up like their dad and did a very silly dance. We had a Corsican veal stew with moelleux au chocolat for dessert. Quite a fun night.

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Marty said...

Happy birthday ole boy

What a way to celebrate.

Marty and lisa and the kids