Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Super Tuesday in Paris

You could feel the excitement today at the American Church where the democratic global primary was being held. Between noon and 10 P.M. Americans could vote for their favorite democratic candidate.

Unlike the usual voting booths in the U.S., here in Paris voters sat at a table and filled out a paper which asked for name, address and phone number. To select the candidate of choice, a box needed to be checked. No hanging chads here. A good old-fashioned check mark in a box.

I saw my painting teacher and we discussed at the voting table how hard it was this year to choose a favorite in the primary. Many of us were torn between Hillary and Obama. I convinced an American who was visiting from Brussels to come in and vote. What I was actually doing was stalling, because I honestly couldn't decide who to choose.

This young woman was at the table having difficulty also. We talked about Hillary and Obama for a little bit, and through discussing it, we were able to finally check a box. That's what I loved most about voting here in Paris. The fact that we could sit down at the voting table and discuss the candidates up to and even after we finally checked that box.

The excitement continues as the results from the States start coming in. This is a scene from the election returns party which took place at 67 rue Pierre Charron. It's an exciting time, potentially voting for our first female or black President. This is the first time that the oversees voters will be sending delegates to the Democratic National Convention. May the best candidate win!


Petrea said...

I had the same trouble! In the end, I would be proud to have either Hillary or Barack as our president. Whoever wins the primary is my candidate, and I can back either one with vigor.

I always check in with you via the Paris blog. First-time commenter, though. Love your posts.

SGA said...
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Meghan said...

It was nice meeting/speaking with you! Thanks for the blog mention.

dryanna said...

Petrea- I'm with you sister, I support either one! Congrats on your first comments- much appreciated.

Comment deleted- Ciao!

Meghan- Nice to meet you too. Bon courage avec vos etudes.