Tuesday, 12 February 2008

A walk on the bay

After we walked up the curvy narrow streets to find our hotel room, we headed back outside to walk on the bay at low tide. Next to the bay were signs warning us of the potential dangers, including quicksand, which I of course took very seriously. Acquaintances in Paris and the people at the tourist office recommended a guided tour because it is more safe. But there were no more tours for the day, so we headed off on our own.

We took off our shoes and sank our toes into the cold wet sand, which was not actually sand at all, but silt. It was very slickery.

There were no more people around which made me nervous. The kids were given strict orders to stay behind us. We had self-imposed orders to follow the footprints of those that had gone before. At times, we could not see any footprints, and after a long stint of not seeing any, I declared it was time to turn around.

Sean and the kids made a big smiley face in the sand. While waiting, it felt like there were worms crawling on my feet. I looked closely at my feet, and indeed, tiny little worms? were crawling on my feet. Rather disgusted, I proclaimed, "Okay, time to head back." It was cool, however to see Mont St. Michel from another view with the sun setting behind it.

We washed our feet off in a little puddle left over from high tide, which I now realize was very dirty water. Soon enough we'd wash them in our room inside Mont St. Michel. It was nice to be staying there.

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Starman said...

Walking barefoot in the middle of winter? I'm freezing just reading about it.