Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Fat Tuesday

While walking down the street, I glanced at a couple of teenagers kissing in a doorway. Not too unusual until I noticed the wardrobe. The boy was wearing what looked like prison-striped pyjamas and the girl was wearing pyjamas under a robe. They both were sporting slippers. The building didn't look like a hospital or nut ward. I wanted to take a picture, but kept staring instead. Next, I passed a black angel scurrying down the street with a fabulous pair of black feathered wings. It could be a coincidence I thought. Soon after, I passed a girl with a blue face. I figured there must be a high school play in the neighborhood.

My teacher mentioned picking up her disguised son at school. Finally it dawned on me. "Oh, the students here wear costumes to school for Mardi Gras?", I said aloud. "Yes, they do, and they parade on the street as well if weather permits," she explained to the slow learner.

On my way home were more fun costumes, and I asked the kids if I could take their pictures. They were more than happy to pose. A peace-loving hippie is a popular costume the world over.

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