Sunday, 24 February 2008

Here I go again

All I can say about today’s skiing, is thank goodness no one I knew was in my class. I was in rare screaming form which includes a gutteral, I’m going to die scream as well as a string of profanities scream. I’m not proud of this, it’s how I am at certain low times however.

The kiddies had a great time. We were conservative in the groups we placed them in, and they each were soon moved into a more skillful group. They enjoyed the level of skiing and are eager to return tomorrow, which is more than I can say. I could learn a lot from my kids, but I probably won’t.

The day began with a buffet which always makes anyone with Schweitzer in them very happy. There were croissants, yogurts, cheeses, boil your own eggs, bagettes, cereals, fruit and fruit compote, as well as juices and hot beverages. A great beginning to the day.

I started out skiing okay, but as we went on, I feel I got worse, maybe because the runs got a little harder- but not much. As we headed down a more difficult run, if we stopped at all along the way, my panic would set in, my brain would shut down, and my legs would stop dead in their tracks. It’s a real treat to be my instructor, or in my class.

After a respite for lunch, Q and I headed back out and we tried to navigate back down without going down anything too too hard. Q is amazed at just how incompetent I am on skis. We finally made it back down, but Q realized he would rather sign up for classes in the afternoon than be tortured by me, and I’m totally with him. I was just glad to make it down alive, removing my boots and sliding on my bottom only once. I’m going to wear a different hat tomorrow so no one remembers me.

On a lovelier note, last night the stars were absolutely gorgeous. The alpine skies without a lot of city lights offered a sea of stars.

Here's to a new day tomorrow.


Starman said...

You're probably a lot better than I would be. I have never skied on snow and barely managed to get up on the skies on water.

Misplaced said...

Sounds perfect (except for the gutteral screaming)